Update 6/12/09

More progress!

Last night while in Newberg I tore down 4 axles (2 automatic & 2 standard transmission variants) and rebuilt 2 of them for use on the gasoline engine (front bus). New boots, new grease, and re-clocking to wear the axles on the opposite side of the races. Should work quite nicely. The rear two axles will be built later on as once CV joint was contaminated with metal as well as heavy scuffing on a few bearings.

Tonight the plan is to hang the rear brakes (shoes/wheel cylinders…all new) replace the rear brake hoses, install the t-fitting in the rear brake lines, and then start working on hanging the transmission in the bus. All of this while juggling preparing the unimog for service Saturday AM doing Search and Rescue personnel transport.

Photos and such later!

First bus in position!

Well it has come time. We finished of a previous engine build in an aircooled vanagon and promptly drove it out of the way to make space for hanging the engine in the first bus. The ’78 Rivi will be getting a manual transmission, 2.0L engine from a Vanagon (refitted tin but with the better/easier to access bosch alternator), and once titled cleanly in our name,  a bob-tail style cut revealing a ready chassis to receive the 2nd bus. 

Attached are some photos of the movement into the driveway.  This is often a sticky point for us with dead/non-running vehicles as the slope is rather severe. A lunette to lunette tow bar chained to the tow point on the front end allowed Heather to back the bus carefully into the driveway. The low gearing of the 404.1 Unimog really does the trick. A learning experience for her, another day at a past job for me (pushing airplanes with something similar). Anywho, it is now positioned to have the automatic removed and a manual transmision fitted.  

Oregon rain won’t stop us now!

Thanks for checkin’ in.

Electric Motor Acquired!

Eariler this week the electric motor from the ebay listing showed up at my (Brandon) work. Thanks to a fellow co-worker, we got it unloaded from the back of the tractor trailer and placed it onto a sturdy table. Then used the unimog crane (recently installed…thanks Kelly OToole http://industriousdog.com/) to load it and take it home! Photo attached. 

I am now starting a collection of batteries, and seeking out a large charger. I have a 36V or 48V charger for some sort of device, but it may/may not work only because that relies a lot upon the batteries all being identical for a proper charge. May go with individual 12V chargers (one per batt) and make sure they aren’t ganged with a common ground or something. 🙂

More updates soon! 


Using the crane to put the motor into the Unimog!

Using the crane to put the motor into the Unimog!