Motor coupler in hand!

Dad picked up the splined shaft coupler for the electric motor and is prepping it for installation onto the motor itself.  A custom input shaft is being fabbed up, possibly with either A) the coupler attached to the end or B) the shaft shortened, and the coupler attached to another coupler splined to mate with the VW shaft. Slick!

Thanks to Dad for spearheading this project while we focus our attention on getting the vehicle ready for engine as well as working on a 1965 Mercedes station wagon occupying my (Brandon) parents driveway. 

More soon!

Electric Motor Acquired!

Eariler this week the electric motor from the ebay listing showed up at my (Brandon) work. Thanks to a fellow co-worker, we got it unloaded from the back of the tractor trailer and placed it onto a sturdy table. Then used the unimog crane (recently installed…thanks Kelly OToole to load it and take it home! Photo attached. 

I am now starting a collection of batteries, and seeking out a large charger. I have a 36V or 48V charger for some sort of device, but it may/may not work only because that relies a lot upon the batteries all being identical for a proper charge. May go with individual 12V chargers (one per batt) and make sure they aren’t ganged with a common ground or something. 🙂

More updates soon! 


Using the crane to put the motor into the Unimog!

Using the crane to put the motor into the Unimog!