I just downloaded the camera so I wanted to throw up some photos of the automatic transmission pull/bus. Couple weekends ago.



First bus in position!

Well it has come time. We finished of a previous engine build in an aircooled vanagon and promptly drove it out of the way to make space for hanging the engine in the first bus. The ’78 Rivi will be getting a manual transmission, 2.0L engine from a Vanagon (refitted tin but with the better/easier to access bosch alternator), and once titled cleanly in our name,  a bob-tail style cut revealing a ready chassis to receive the 2nd bus. 

Attached are some photos of the movement into the driveway.  This is often a sticky point for us with dead/non-running vehicles as the slope is rather severe. A lunette to lunette tow bar chained to the tow point on the front end allowed Heather to back the bus carefully into the driveway. The low gearing of the 404.1 Unimog really does the trick. A learning experience for her, another day at a past job for me (pushing airplanes with something similar). Anywho, it is now positioned to have the automatic removed and a manual transmision fitted.  

Oregon rain won’t stop us now!

Thanks for checkin’ in.

One of Two!

So, on November 4th I bought the first bus (of 2) 🙂 As many folks know we are building a double decker Volkswagen bus). My first year at burning man was 2006. I have always wanted to build an art car, and burning man just seemed like a good fit. Brandon and I camp at the VW Bus Camp, that as well, seemed appropriate.

For now, the goal is a double decker, however, Brandon has another idea, although i think the double decker will be this year, we’ll see about next year. 🙂

Just arrived, check it out:

Number One:: It is a 1970 Westy that is completed stripped, the only thing that is left is the jalousy windows (the middle windows); the sunroof hole is covered with a plexiglass, bolted to the roof. The body is pretty rust free, little rust on the dog legs, and a little on the drivers sill. Still has the stock 4 wheel drum brakes, but plan on upgrading to disk brakes.

I have a tranny, and front seats, Brandon says he has an engine, however that means his dad has an engine 🙂 lol.

Our plan is to get it running, get the second bus, and figure out where the cuts will be made. Still looking for a shop that we can use to get the 2nd bus onto the top.

Will post more pics soon.