I just downloaded the camera so I wanted to throw up some photos of the automatic transmission pull/bus. Couple weekends ago.


One of Two!

So, on November 4th I bought the first bus (of 2) 🙂 As many folks know we are building a double decker Volkswagen bus). My first year at burning man was 2006. I have always wanted to build an art car, and burning man just seemed like a good fit. Brandon and I camp at the VW Bus Camp, that as well, seemed appropriate.

For now, the goal is a double decker, however, Brandon has another idea, although i think the double decker will be this year, we’ll see about next year. 🙂

Just arrived, check it out:

Number One:: It is a 1970 Westy that is completed stripped, the only thing that is left is the jalousy windows (the middle windows); the sunroof hole is covered with a plexiglass, bolted to the roof. The body is pretty rust free, little rust on the dog legs, and a little on the drivers sill. Still has the stock 4 wheel drum brakes, but plan on upgrading to disk brakes.

I have a tranny, and front seats, Brandon says he has an engine, however that means his dad has an engine 🙂 lol.

Our plan is to get it running, get the second bus, and figure out where the cuts will be made. Still looking for a shop that we can use to get the 2nd bus onto the top.

Will post more pics soon.