About BusZilla II

BusZilla II
Mutant Art Vehicle

Buszilla II Rev1.0

A self powered hybrid articulating Volkswagen transporter. Built from two (2) buses, it is approximately 40ft long with accessory trailer and lizard costume. Drive train consists of both electric and gasoline motors. The gasoline engine is used on the highway, and the electric motor “PlayaDrive” is used on the Playa a more green form of transportation. BusZilla II has a total of 6 wheels, with 3 axels, 2 of which are powered at any one time.

The interior consists of faux fur lined walls; large, spacious seating areas; LED lighting (using rope-lights and/or el-wire). There is seating for 16-18 people. Seating is made out of faux fur and foam for cushion.

The exterior paint transitions from white in the front, to green with lizard scales in the rear. The form of a lizard “back” is formed high enough over the rear bus so that you can stand up. The exoskeleton has green mesh stretched over the pvc, so that you can see out. The exoskeleton is also lit up during the night with LED’s and el-wire. The tail houses the generator and batteries for sound and engine propulsion.

The main construction feature of BusZilla II is that it articulates (bends) between the 2nd and 3rd axle, much like a large metropolitan mass transit bus. This creates an interesting interior feeling when viewing over the length of the mutant bus, watching it bend and twist as it travels.

To tie BusZilla II in with the 2009 Burning Man theme “Evolution”, it is intended to play its part “evolution” as if the Volkswagen bus was an animal in the wild. BusZilla II is intended to be used by pretty much whoever wants to ride in it.

6 thoughts on “About BusZilla II

  1. art predator says:

    Very cool! As a long time Burner and Bus lover, I can’t wait to see your project out there on the Playa!

  2. Toby says:

    That’s awesome! We have to hook up and have a Dino cruise… our camp, the Spearmint Dino bar, will have a (much smaller) dinosaur art car this year: http://groups.google.com/group/spearmint_dino/web/spearmint-dino-art-car?hl=en

    Come by and visit – we’re at Adapt & 7:30!

    • mutantbus says:

      We didnt get a chance to hook up with you, did you see us around? It was a crazy week and i think for next year, I will certify drivers, so we dont have to do all the driving! Not sure of the logistics on that though. How was your burn?

  3. […] smitten. Both of them build and work on their own project cars, including a vehicle named “BusZilla” – a dragon-themed Burning Man creation made from two VW buses smushed together (built […]

  4. […] were smitten. Both of them build and work on their own project cars, including a vehicle named “BusZilla” – a dragon-themed Burning Man creation made from two VW buses smushed together (built by […]

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