UPDATE! 23 Days till we leave for Burning Man

I am getting excited! 23 days until we leave for Burning Man! Ahhh! Still lots to do, and lots going on this weekend. Conduit bending, tubing cutting, shade cloth fitting, wiring etc etc…

We have had some donations this year, and that has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!!! <3<3<3<3<3 As for funds, we still need approx $600-700 for the bright green LED’s – just like the ones in the spine, but this is for the ribs from rain gutter down to the bottom and some red ones for the eyes and mouth on the front.

Majority of this years costs (product):

WFLB96 series 96-LED Waterproof Flexible Light Bar
(Red/Green 38″ @ $20.95 Qty: 30-40)

Greenhouse shade cloth fabric estimated @ $140-200

Conduit/misc brackets estimated $60

Please help get BusZilla illuminated for this years burn!

If you have any questions or wanna work on her before the burn, please email me: mutantbus@gmail.com

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