May 2010 UPDATE

Just pulled BusZilla out of storage! Made it home, but with a few glitches. First, low on oil, added oil, system check… started to drive realized there was a bad fuel leak, drove back to the Malloys, fixed fuel leak… other issues: right front brake caliper ceasing up (released pressure on side of road, tried not to use brakes), hydraulic clutch needs work, windshield wipers randomly turn on, turn signal switch has Playa in it! Not too bad for sitting since October of last year!

Going to try to make it to the Woodburn Bug-in June 5th! Gotta get brakes, clutch, electrical… and clean her out! Ack!

Woodburn Show June 5th, Woodburn, OR:

Don’t Forget Day AFTER Woodburn, we are having a hoop making/playing party along with brainstorming and getting stuff figured out for BusZilla Party, June 6th:


One thought on “May 2010 UPDATE

  1. brandon314 says:

    Looking good. Find out where the oil went 🙂

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