Journey to Burning Man 2009

Hello all! It has been a long and great journey to Burning Man 2009 and back! In our last few months, we have completed the bellows (middle accordion part) as well as the interior. With so much help from so many great and skilled people!!

I want to make a quick shout and a BIG THANK YOU out to Wild Bill and Marylou, Annie Humiston, Damon, Mari, Jon, Joanna Holmes, Lynda M and Bus Boy Bob, Erin Enquist, Tony & Nasim, Dragonfly Ron, Bruce Payne, Dave and Mary, Russ and Michelle Mathis, Jessi, Tim, Rick, Jim and Emily Malloy, Jim Holmes, Kelly O’toole Gerry Wilson, Lucian, Justin and Michelle, Rob H., Johanna, Andre, Paige, Paul V and Erin, Cristine Anne, Thomas Averin, and all the many other people that i know i am forgetting in my forgetfullness morning! We love you all and appreciate every bit of effort and support you gave us!!!

Here is a flickr album with BusZilla II Build photos:

And here are some photos of BusZilla II at Burning Man!

And last but not least, here are the vids (thank you Joel)!

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