Today, I finished the back bus bench foam and fabric covering, grinding some leftover plasma cut edge (no pokeys!) and built the front bus bench structure – Yay unistrut!!!


Also had to deal with the 12v LED ropelight we ordered, not in stock! and had to call the 1000bulbs.com four times to get the order right. As of right now I am not recommending them, even if they have a good selection, it took them 2.5 days to get back to me that they were out of stock, and then when i told her that i was expecting it to come in the standard 5-7 business days, she said that she couldnt do anything and i ended up paying way to much for shipping…. ok rant over 🙂

Brandon got the pieces for the slider door, and installed them, however we found out that because the door had been falling off for such a long time that the lower groove is worn so it always falls off!! So, we have some welding to do…he also finished the coupler and adapter plate between the electric motor and stock vw manual transmission.

Tomorrow depending on time, we are also:

  • tidy up the welds and make rear floor in the front bus
  • fix the slider
  • sewing top covers for sunroof/pop-top holes
  • exchanging rear suspension/brake parts for the newer style (5×100)
  • mounting tranny for electric motor
  • mounting electric motor
  • painting wheels
  • cutting carpet to fit (not yet ready to permanently install)

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