Connection…coming soon!

Well hopefully tonight we’ll have complete connection of the front and rear bus. Yay! The rear of the front bus (other than some plating and finish welding) is ready to rock and roll. The front of the rear bus is ready for some steel and make the head of the setup to hold the hiem joint.

There are a few sneak peek photos as you can see which shows the setup (the hiem is not bolted in place yet). We are using a fine thread 3/4″ bolt to allow the use of misalignment bushings to be used on the joint itself (allow more between-body-rotation). The shank of the joint is fine thread 1 1/4″. This will be screwed into a welded collar and then a jam nut affixed.

As you can see from the limited steel photos…the welds are VERY nice (thanks Justin!) and the steel is very thick. We pulled out all the stops and are going to make this bad boy impossible to break. 🙂

Not much time to elaborate…but some additional work going on is pictured. Heather, Michelle, and Jessi worked on getting some carpet into both of the front and rear bus. This allows for a somewhat comfortable seating arrangement until we can finish the interior design. The front bus was driven around PDX for a shakedown run and things went well (other than a bolt falling out of the home-brew clutch master cylinder setup…needed a nut!) The bottom end sounds good on the 2.0L engine. Good power.

Wheels are painted and dropped off at the tire vendor awaiting some Nanking 14″ high load rated tires. The last two wheels will be chosen/painted/fitted with tires once we determine if we can source the bits we need to swap the rear end of the bus over to narrow 5 instead of wide 5.

We still have to do a little repair on the battery tray…source a battery…and do some zip ties under the body.

Bus leaves tomorrow evening for SOAK (regional burning man event!)

Check the photos:


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