It Is Alive!

Well after a long weekend of work, the ’78 front bus is a running, licensed, driving VW Bus. 🙂

The clutch was bled so many times I lost track, finally getting the last of the air out. The brakes are working nicely (ready for an adjustment). Engine runs like a TOP but required a different coil/points/condenser possibly because we were using a coil from a VW with factor electronic ignition (or the condenser may have failed). Either way. It runs sweet (thanks dad!). I made a home-brew exhaust from a few vanagon pieces and a weird tip. It sounds sweet.

Drive train is working nicely. The shift linkage still needs some fine tuning but it is getting close (now have reverse and all forward gears without weird acting lockout! yay!). We drove it around last night and then I took it to DMV this morning to get licensed and registered. Sweeeeet cruiser. Bottom end is awesome. The vanagon tinned engine with the large heater fan on the alternator sounds interesting in a baywindow 🙂

SO now the mutant is legal with the state of Oregon. Time to start cutting and welding!

I picked up the hiem joint this morning from a friend that builds 4×4 suspensions and whatnot.  1 1/4 shank with a 1″ bolt hole through the eye. Massive! Russ is going to construct some high angle components for it so we can get it fabbed up and installed.

Lots of action with the stick welder on site from Kelly ( That helped weld up the rear engine mounts and now the tube steel stock for the rest of the frame.

I mounted and plumbed up the aftermarket fuel tank inside the passeger compartment. It is a tank within a tank (the tank itself if stainless steel!) so it should have no problems outliving the mutant. Compression fittings with 3/8″ truck air brake line brings the fuel lines (return and supply) to the engine area. Some adaptors transfer it over to stock black push-on fuel line (using clamps everywhere!). It works very nicely. I think capacity should be around 18-20 gallons. Perfect!. We can always add more later as these will be under the seats.

With a large hammer, some wood, and a bunch of work by Heather and I we freed the front drivers seat from its death bed (heavily rusted into place…very worn out…see photo). We replaced it with an old dog chewed up vanagon seat but put a pillow and a cover on it temporarily (probably reupholster it soon). Nice work Heather!

All lights except reverse lights work (hook those up soon) although it won’t matter soon because the “back” won’t be the actual back! Haha!

Check the photos…I put a video too!

Video (yes I stalled it…the clutch still had air!)


2 thoughts on “It Is Alive!

  1. typ4 says:

    those wheels look way better than when I dropped them off. Nice welds, for a stick newb.

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