Update 6/19/2009

SOAK is just around the corner! We’re really gearing up to get this baby connected.

I picked up the welder from Kelly O’Toole (www.industriousdog.com) so we can do the “big stuff” welding.  Russ is securing some welding rod. While in Newberg last night I swapped out the vanagon starter for a late bus 091 starter (different clocked solenoid location) so we can just bolt that right in. Also picked up another box of L-Jet goodies from the house so we can finish putting the engine setup together. Should possibly have it running tonight!

Left on the list:

  • Connect up the shift coupler to the trans
  • Mount Fuel Tank
  • Run Fuel Lines
  • Mount Fuel Pump
  • Mount Computer
  • Run Wiring Harness on Engine
  • Bolt in Starter
  • Weld Brackets on Mustache Bar
  • Install Intake Tubing (AFM/Boots/Airbox)
  • Mount Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir
  • Bleed Clutch Hydros
  • Exhaust?
  • Head Temp Sensor
  • Set Timing

We’ll see how far we get tonight!

Thanks for checking in!


3 thoughts on “Update 6/19/2009

  1. lstormfeather says:

    Looking forward to seeing your beast at SOAK.

    I’m Stormfeather from the sTEAp T-House and Webmaster PR lady for Shai-Halud.the Sandworm MVproject. How ’bout we exchange links on our blogs?

    Our main web site is here (with a link to our blog)


    • mutantbus says:

      Ah the sTEAp T-House…I have heard that one. 🙂

      I’ll add the link…I’m not the web programmer (Heather my partner is…she often doesn’t have time to update this blog). 🙂

  2. lstormfeather says:

    that should be:

    Ithink it would great to link to PDX Camps and MV’s.

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