Update 6/17/09

Hey all,

While Heather was resting trying to fight on a sickness, I decided at about 10:45 that it would be a good idea to hook up the clutch. Hah! I ran the front hydraulic line (the one with multiple bends) first and then ran the last piece to the rear once that was in place.  I also had to bolt the slave cylinder in place as well as connect up its short line + flex hose.

Once all this was connected (took a lot longer than it took to write about!) I temporarily hooked up a master cylinder from the ’70 bus brake system and added some brake fluid. I pumped and pumped with the rear bleeder open not expecting anything to really happen (figured the master was going to be a butt and need manual bleeding). Nope! Next thing I know there is brake fluid pissing from the transmission area. Yay! Closed the bleeder and did a few purges of air using a stick in place of a helper. Have decent pedal and may need to do more bleeding but at least it is operating!

Exciting progress as installing a hydraulic clutch master/slave combo into a baywindow is…a bit of a challenge.

More photos.

Thanks for checking in!

5 thoughts on “Update 6/17/09

  1. campshower says:

    Looks like you cut the engine support bar too short. I would have used an old carb engine instead of doing the conversion. Wow, you guys are doing a lot of work. I hope you make it! Keep an eye on the clock: http://burningman.com/index/popcount.html

    • mutantbus says:

      Bar length was for a reason. Just means the welder gets to come out and play a bit more. 🙂

      Unfortunately every engine I have rebuilt thus far had failed from some sort of carb related issue. Poor air filters, plugged jet causing lean fuel mixture, etc. The L-Jet (properly maintained) should work nicely and take very little tuning. Plus we can have a “fuel enrichment” knob on the dash connected to a potentiometer across the head temp sensor. Tell the computer its colder than it is to get a little more fuel for those long hill climbs with high head temps.

      Dakota Digital head temp gauge & wiring is already on its way. 🙂

      • mutantbus says:

        AND using the vanagon engine tin, fan shroud and alternator setup will allow us to have a better alternator as well as replacement options, than the standard late (’72-79) buses. I mean really, if you think about it, how many times do you find a “good” used late bay alternator!!

        Oh yea, don’t forget our BM 2007 drive down in Zesty had blown the diodes and practically left us stranded!!!

        BTW as the clock ticks, we have until BEFORE next weekend to get it running, registered, and then add the 2nd bus “in tow” just in time for SOAK 🙂 Burning man will be a snap! 😉


  2. Chadman says:

    When are you bringing it over to Dino so you can show me how it works? ;^)

    • mutantbus says:

      Did you have the mutant vehicle with Dino hanging out the top? Or the other Flintstones splitty that was part of bus camp?

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