Update 6/16/2009

Last night after an eye doctor appt. and some parts acquisition Heather and I stuffed the engine into the engine-bay, finished bolting it up, and finished the custom cutting on the engine tin. The rear engine support bar, being from a Vanagon, needed to be cut to allow the engine to raise high enough to get the saddle bolts in. The act of making the Vanagon tin on the Type IV fit into a baywindow bus is rather tricky! The plasma cutter and a pair of tin snips made quick work of this task.

Once the saddle bolts were in and the engine hanging from this, we attempted to install the starter. Unfortunately things hits the rear cross member (that the saddle is mounted in to). So, we need to get a different starter.

Russ picked up the clutch hydraulic lines as well as supplied some more hardware for the engine-to-transmission bolt-up. Hopefully we can start hanging fuel injection components (fuel lines/computer/wiring harness/etc.) while I finish the clutch hydros and start bleeding the system.

Back to the grind!


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