Update 6/10/09

The past couple days have been a recovery from the last weekend of crazy working. On top of this, I’ve been rebuilding the front brakes on the front bus. 

I stretched the plasma cutter torch out as far as I could (to reach the front bus from the 220V outlet in the garage) and needed to back the bus up about 3 feet. That is about the time I discovered that the front right brake caliper was hanging really bad. So, I pulled the calipers/hoses/pads & moved the bus back to do the cutting for the clutch master cylinder. The last couple nights I pulled the calipers apart, picked up re-sealing kits, polished everything and re-assembled. Pads come in today so I can throw those in. I also replaced the brake hoses (others looked original) so the front is 100% rebuilt. Rear brakes seem to function nicely so I think a simple clean and adjust will be in order for them. 

Some more updates on the articulating link. After getting some input from MANY sources/friends/smart people, we have made a list of options for connecting up the two busses. On the current favorite list is a ball/socket combo from a Bulldozer or Bladed piece of construction equipment. This type of joint would be MORE than strong enough for the application and would be easy to service. So we are on the lookout.


2 thoughts on “Update 6/10/09

  1. DouglasVB says:

    I’m sure you’ve already thought of this but some city busses articulate. So do street cars, MAX trains, etc… Oh and some airport causeways do, too.

    • mutantbus says:

      Yep. Although most of them are using a link that is capable of 50+X as much force as we will be exerting. So we are hopefully going with something in the 5-10ton rating range to keep way outside any failure of component problems. 🙂

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