Update from the Weekend of Work

Well a long weekend is over, back to the day job. 

This weekend we rebuilt everything on the gasoline engine for the project except for the bottom end (looked really good!). We re-ringed the pistons, cleaned up some shoddy previous work, rebuilt the heads, installed new exhaust valves, honed the cylinders, cleaned and painted the tin, and serviced the oil system. All of this on top of doing the job right, and with the right parts. Yay working long days! 

The best news? We got the engine running on propane before it even left the engine stand. Other than some noisy valves and a non 228mm flywheel compliant starter, it sounded SWEET. Videos below! 

For those just joining us, the engine re rebuilt was a tired, oil burning, noise making, blown head aircooled VW Vanagon engine that was removed at a wrecking yard. One good used head, a lot of Russ’ time tuning them up, and some love brought this thing back to life. Sounds pretty good too! 

Also this weekend, we picked up a bunch of donated goods from a new friend Tim Pratt and our grant money from SOAK 2009! These two donations should help us get our seating, structural steel in place, and also fund the special tire purchase required to keep this thing rolling along wherever we go! Thank you all!

Friday night I pulled out the fuel tank from the ’78 front bus after determining that the Vanagon clutch slave cylinder (hydraulic instead of cable) would interfere with the fuel tank placement (as well as a light desire to move the tank and drop the floor another 14 inches!). So I yanked the tank as well as started mocking up the location for the clutch master cylinder (which is going to be tricky to mount…but do-able!). 

We current have the following to do:

  • Cut hole for slave cylinder in body above transmission
  • T-brake line behind transmission for rear brakes
  • Mount transmission into bus. 
  • Connect up Shift linkage
  • Build hydraulic clutch tube system
  • Mount clutch master cylinder
  • Mount clutch master cylinder reservoir
  • Measure/cut engine tin to fit into bus
  • Mount engine
  • Wire engine
  • Plumb engine for fuel/air/oil
  • Register with Oregon DMV!

So as you can see, the list for this week is long, but it’ll be fun. Anyone who wants to help out is always welcome to come by and spend some time having some fun getting things going. 

Thanks for checking in!

Photos for your enjoyment:

Videos too!:


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