Update 6/5/09!

Engine update!

Last night Russ and myself (Brandon) did some testing on the aircoole Vanagon engine. We found that it had a blown headgasket on one of the heads so we oped to pull things apart and inspect. Glad that we did, we found one dropped valve seat and headgaskets on both heads! This is a problem as the common build configuration these days is to leave the gaskets out. The dropped seat means we need another heat (square port 2.0L). In addition to this, the cylinders & rings were due for hone/replacement so puling the jugs is also on the platter. 

We hunted around and found another salvageable square port head. Russ is going to rebuild these and fly-cut them to match. That is happening today. We picked up some parts from Halsey Import Parts for the build (engine seal, rings, belts, etc.) as well as a 228 clutch disk & intake boots from a friend. The pressure plate and flywheel we already had in-house so I just picked one with a strong diaphragm. 

Between Heather and myself, we should have all the L-Jetronic pieces to make the engine run. We should have a good long-block early this weekend with a hopeful full build and possible installation by the end of the weekend! If all goes to plan, the bus can be registered and titled in Oregon Monday/Tuesday and ready to start welding on. 🙂

More updates later!

Thanks for checkin’ in


P.S Bought our tickets to SOAK (regional BurningMan event). Check it out: http://www.burningmanportland.com/  Should be the first run for Buszilla II!


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