Update 6/4/09

More progress! We moved the removed front section of the rear bus out of the way w/ some custom jerry-rigging & the Unimog mounted crane. 

Once that was out of the way, we pushed the fron bus back into its location and started working on electrical. After an hour or so of tinkering, we had all the lights, turn signals, window wipers, flashers working! Didn’t even have to replace any bulbs 🙂

That is a big step as this front bus needs to have 100% operational wiring since it will be supplying the road-worthy lighting power all the way to the rear bus (and mid-ship lighting). Shy of adding some fuses, everything worked right away. 

Tonight we are picking up the engine to start prepping it for installation into the front bus. The transmission should be done this weekend, so hopefully *fingers crossed* we could have a running driving front bus by the end of the weekend! Once that step is complete, DMV & registration ensue. Followed by hacking rear apart and removing the Riviera pop-top. Going to be a VERY sweet setup!. 

Please check regular on our donation page if you have anything to donate (time, steel, cool things, money?). We are always on the look out for things to really make it a community project. 

Donations:  http://vwdreamer.com/mutantbus.php

Thanks for checkin’ in!


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