Update 5/29/09!

Updates updates updates!

We extracted the automatic linkage (somewhat forcefully 🙂 from the front bus and threw in some standard transmission linkage from the rear bus! The shift linkage is easy, the clutch cable is not! We are swapping in the pedal assembly (clutch) but going to connect up a hydraulic master/slave system like found on vanagons. This will allow us to avoid installing a clutch tube, guessing cable length, and dealing with the bowden tube. The final result should be a sweet operating clutch without the need for cable replacements! More on that later!

Picked up the splined shaft today for the electric motor conversion (rear bus). It is going to recieve some lathe work and then be sent out to be splined and hardened (to match the VW input shaft gear end). Should be a sweet and easy setup! The axles are already hanging in the rear bus ready for connection. A special transmission is being fabbed up which will have only 2 speeds…1st gear and 2nd gear. Will also allow for a cool cable driven shift mechanism (playa slow…or playa less slow!) 

The front half is awaitng transmission and engine, the rear half is ready to cut at the B pillar

Thanks to Damon for getting us the front bus title…we’ll now own a “custom” ’78 Rivi. 🙂
More updates soon!


P.S. Thanks for all that have been donating! Every little bit helps us purchase parts and fund the project!


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