I just downloaded the camera so I wanted to throw up some photos of the automatic transmission pull/bus. Couple weekends ago.



2 thoughts on “Photos

  1. mark says:


    I thought I’d read the opposite; that the automatic trans was a tougher, more dependable unit that is also much easier to rebuild. Am I confusing the auto bus trans with the auto vanagon trans? If so, wouldn’t an auto vanagon trans still suit the needs of the project better? Or…..would the conversion simply be too difficult?


    • mutantbus says:

      Hey Mark,

      The automatic might be stout for a standard 2-axle bus, but remember that we are going to be towing basically another bus behind us all the time. This means a super workout for all the components, and the standard transmission (4-speed) fits the bill better since it won’t fail under extremes as easily.

      Our GVW is going to be 6-7000lbs so we need every ounce of that 70HP engine going out to the wheels 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and hope to see you more on the blog. Thanks!


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