Prepping for Manual Transmission!

So last week  we pulled the automatic transmission out of the front bus (along with the axles, linkages, and floor shifter) in order to prepare it for the installation of the manual 4-speed transmission. While an automatic transmission would be good on-playa, we don’t plan on using the gas engine for power around at 5MPH. That is where the electric drive comes in. Not to mention, the automatics are generally quite weak, especially when pulling an extra vehicle + people around!

Heather (VWDreamer) donated her spare late bus transmission to the cause and the owner/family friend Mike Locicero of Import Transmission Exchange is going to provide eyeballs and fine tuning to get it in tip-top shape before hitting the road. 

The 2.0L Aircooled vanagon engine awaits a new set of rings and a quick hone. We will set it back up with L-Jet (as factory) and change over some tin bits to mate nicely with the baywindow engine compartment. After an interesting 2007 trip to the burn involving a failing alternator, we decided to keep the vanagon “above the tin” alternator installation in lieu of using the not-so-awesome baywindow setup (which leaves little room for extra power!). Should be a really sweet setup. 🙂

Keep checking back! Donations are slowly coming in and every little bit helps us keep moving forward quickly with the project. The big purchases have been made (one bus, electric motor, etc.) but some smaller ones for a custom shaft, some creature creation parts, andplaya awesome bits still need be acquired.

Thanks for checking in!


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