Electric Motor Acquired!

Eariler this week the electric motor from the ebay listing showed up at my (Brandon) work. Thanks to a fellow co-worker, we got it unloaded from the back of the tractor trailer and placed it onto a sturdy table. Then used the unimog crane (recently installed…thanks Kelly OToole http://industriousdog.com/) to load it and take it home! Photo attached. 

I am now starting a collection of batteries, and seeking out a large charger. I have a 36V or 48V charger for some sort of device, but it may/may not work only because that relies a lot upon the batteries all being identical for a proper charge. May go with individual 12V chargers (one per batt) and make sure they aren’t ganged with a common ground or something. 🙂

More updates soon! 


Using the crane to put the motor into the Unimog!

Using the crane to put the motor into the Unimog!


2 thoughts on “Electric Motor Acquired!

  1. Nate says:

    Here’s a charger that will do 12/24/36v.
    Good luck!


  2. Unfortunately we need the charger to take in 120V and output a lot of 12V (or 24/36V) current.

    Haven’t decided on the final voltages yet, as we are still mounting the motor to the transmission. Custom input shaft in progress!

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