Second Bus Donated!

Our friend and fellow burner, Damon has donated the second bus!

Although it was difficult getting it home (a tow dolly malfunction, and then a shock malfunction).

She is home, and even got a bath yesterday.

She is a ’78 Champagne edition AT Riviera.

Zesty Towing the second bus home

Zesty Towing the second bus home


4 thoughts on “Second Bus Donated!

  1. Dirty Bugglesworth says:

    What’s up with that tow dolly?

    • mutantbus says:

      Funny that you notice that, we had a mishap with the tow dolly, we borrowed the tow dolly from a friend, and whoever took it apart last, did NOT put the bolt that holds the pivot pin in place.

      If you look closely, you will notice that the bus is actually 1.5-2 ft forward than it should be.

      So, no issues coming up empty (from Portland, OR to Olympia, WA) but once we put the bus on, somehow it popped out. Luckily, we noticed and no one got hurt!

  2. mutantbus says:

    Alright Sneaky Zach! I know thats you!

  3. mutantbus says:

    BTW i forgot to mention that Zach saved the day! 🙂

    No really!

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