Rough Sketchs

Here are my rough sketches,  the idea would be to have the front just a regular vw bus, then have it “morph”/evolve into this reptile/dragon creature.

The skin on the top would be mesh, and in the back bus, there would be a big hole (like a huge ragtop/sunroof) where you could stand up in. We are thinking that the paint on the bus would be gradual as well, where the front would have no scales, then as it evolved, it would have scales?

The idea would be to have the vertebrae exposed from the inside, and have el wire or lights lighting it up at night. Also – have clear pvc tubing for the ribs, with a really light white fabric on the outside, so it would be white during the day, but would have el wire on the inside so it too would glow at night.

The trailer in the rear would swing, as a regular trailer would, but would just give the effect of the tail “following”, with the possibility of a generator in the trailer if needed.

We want to hear comments! What do you think? Do you have a better idea? Please comment!!!




2 thoughts on “Rough Sketchs

  1. Otmar says:

    I like the evolution to a dragon idea! Extra headroom is very nice, and if the back half is missing the drive then maybe the low floor could go back farther too.

  2. Brandon says:

    Reminds me of the original sketches for the VW transporter when it was first conceived. haha!

    Its been brewing in my mind…itching to get a welder and plasma cutter near the first bus 🙂

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