Trial fit Via Computer

I am not that great at graphics, however, here is my virtual rendition so far:



4 thoughts on “Trial fit Via Computer

  1. Michael says:

    FWIW, Rich at Rich’s VW in Springfield OR did one a few years ago. It had a significant superstructure but seemed pretty sturdy. I’ll look forwrad to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Laston Lastof says:

    i have seen this done in the past
    with a full westie … sitting on top of a BlueBird Bus
    looked weird
    likely drove stupid
    try and go with the articulating bus idea .. but
    dont simply tow like a trailer with an accordion shield hiding the sloppy hitch
    articulating means the floor moves with the trailing bus
    study some of the engineering … not just what you think it is
    or what it might look like
    no need for any one to die needlessly because your idea was not well thought out …
    and yes i have a westie

  3. aaron says:

    I’d never seen this done before, but was thinking about it and your image came up on Google. Let me know how it goes. I just picked up a ’72 transporter that doesn’t have a title yet. I was thinking:
    a 23 window would be great if one came up with a rusted out floor.
    a camper would be tight on top
    or just doing a chop top rag top?

    • mutantbus says:

      It is a lot of fun figuring out how exactly you want to do it. There are many options that you could do.

      A 23 window bus is REALLY hard to find even when it has rusty floors, on average i have seen RUSTY 23 windows for $6k or more.

      There are other options that you could do, since you are already cutting vehicles, you could use the corner windows from an old truck.

      I almost bought a double decker from a fellow here in portland, but our plans changed, and it didn’t fit. I am sure he is around here somewhere still though 🙂 He had mentioned that he was going to post it on craigslist.

      I would draw out some ideas and figure out what the pros and cons are of each one. For example, here in oregon, having a rag top is not ideal because it rains here so much.

      I would be interested in finding out more information as you progress with your project 🙂 BTW where are you located?

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