BusZilla spotting!

The description is: This chick was rocking down I5 doing 75 in this thing! The back half was all pimped out with fuzzy pillows and mattresses. I can only imagine where this hippie was rolling to!

Burning Man 2010

Flickr set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54018958@N04/sets/72157624848354701/

BM Build Day 1




Joanna putting fur over the LED’s


Jessica and Dennis working on the eyeballs


Jessica building each eye and installing the LED’s


A view of BusZilla at Dusk – from on top of Walter!




UPDATE! 23 Days till we leave for Burning Man

I am getting excited! 23 days until we leave for Burning Man! Ahhh! Still lots to do, and lots going on this weekend. Conduit bending, tubing cutting, shade cloth fitting, wiring etc etc…

We have had some donations this year, and that has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!!! <3<3<3<3<3 As for funds, we still need approx $600-700 for the bright green LED’s – just like the ones in the spine, but this is for the ribs from rain gutter down to the bottom and some red ones for the eyes and mouth on the front.

Majority of this years costs (product):

WFLB96 series 96-LED Waterproof Flexible Light Bar
(Red/Green 38″ @ $20.95 Qty: 30-40)

Greenhouse shade cloth fabric estimated @ $140-200

Conduit/misc brackets estimated $60

Please help get BusZilla illuminated for this years burn!

If you have any questions or wanna work on her before the burn, please email me: mutantbus@gmail.com

May 2010 UPDATE

Just pulled BusZilla out of storage! Made it home, but with a few glitches. First, low on oil, added oil, system check… started to drive realized there was a bad fuel leak, drove back to the Malloys, fixed fuel leak… other issues: right front brake caliper ceasing up (released pressure on side of road, tried not to use brakes), hydraulic clutch needs work, windshield wipers randomly turn on, turn signal switch has Playa in it! Not too bad for sitting since October of last year!

Going to try to make it to the Woodburn Bug-in June 5th! Gotta get brakes, clutch, electrical… and clean her out! Ack!

Woodburn Show June 5th, Woodburn, OR:

Don’t Forget Day AFTER Woodburn, we are having a hoop making/playing party along with brainstorming and getting stuff figured out for BusZilla Party, June 6th:

Journey to Burning Man 2009

Hello all! It has been a long and great journey to Burning Man 2009 and back! In our last few months, we have completed the bellows (middle accordion part) as well as the interior. With so much help from so many great and skilled people!!

I want to make a quick shout and a BIG THANK YOU out to Wild Bill and Marylou, Annie Humiston, Damon, Mari, Jon, Joanna Holmes, Lynda M and Bus Boy Bob, Erin Enquist, Tony & Nasim, Dragonfly Ron, Bruce Payne, Dave and Mary, Russ and Michelle Mathis, Jessi, Tim, Rick, Jim and Emily Malloy, Jim Holmes, Kelly O’toole Gerry Wilson, Lucian, Justin and Michelle, Rob H., Johanna, Andre, Paige, Paul V and Erin, Cristine Anne, Thomas Averin, and all the many other people that i know i am forgetting in my forgetfullness morning! We love you all and appreciate every bit of effort and support you gave us!!!

Here is a flickr album with BusZilla II Build photos:

And here are some photos of BusZilla II at Burning Man!

And last but not least, here are the vids (thank you Joel)!


Today, I finished the back bus bench foam and fabric covering, grinding some leftover plasma cut edge (no pokeys!) and built the front bus bench structure – Yay unistrut!!!


Also had to deal with the 12v LED ropelight we ordered, not in stock! and had to call the 1000bulbs.com four times to get the order right. As of right now I am not recommending them, even if they have a good selection, it took them 2.5 days to get back to me that they were out of stock, and then when i told her that i was expecting it to come in the standard 5-7 business days, she said that she couldnt do anything and i ended up paying way to much for shipping…. ok rant over đŸ™‚

Brandon got the pieces for the slider door, and installed them, however we found out that because the door had been falling off for such a long time that the lower groove is worn so it always falls off!! So, we have some welding to do…he also finished the coupler and adapter plate between the electric motor and stock vw manual transmission.

Tomorrow depending on time, we are also:

  • tidy up the welds and make rear floor in the front bus
  • fix the slider
  • sewing top covers for sunroof/pop-top holes
  • exchanging rear suspension/brake parts for the newer style (5×100)
  • mounting tranny for electric motor
  • mounting electric motor
  • painting wheels
  • cutting carpet to fit (not yet ready to permanently install)

Electric Drive Update

Check the photo! The adaptor plate between the electric forklift motor and the VW trans-axle for the rear bus is complete! Now the shaft is being constructed along with a 2 gear only transmission (1st and 2nd) for on-playa use.

Pretty awesome. Russ (of Russ Repair) has been helping with this component of the project. Thanks dad!

Hopefully the electric drive will be complete in time for us to be able to use it on-playa. Still seeking some large solenoids and whatnot for the 36 or 48V system.

More soon!